AirPlus International is a global provider of business travel payment solutions for corporations. Having offices all over the globe, Graduate Fasttrack were asked to help implement a graduate sales scheme in their UK HQ.

The Approach –

Airplus International needed to expand their reach which meant growing a larger sales team. The obvious answer was to expand by hiring talented and experienced personnel within the travel payment industry. This method proved difficult and far more expensive, furthermore it meant hiring individuals who would have to be trained to fit the Airplus way of selling.

The Solution –

Graduate sales people were far more viable than headhunting experienced sales peoples from around the UK. They would be keen, driven and willing to learn, meaning that a new energy would be injected into the office. Using graduates would also means that Airplus could implement their way of selling immediately. No past experience or old habits to get in their way of success.

Potential Issue –

Although graduates were by far the most cost effective way of scaling the sales team, their lack of experience meant that it was a large risk on the business. With this is mind, it was imperative to find candidates that both fit the culture of the business as well as having the intelligence to absorb the training and provide an ROI within 12 months of starting.

How Graduate Fasttrack helped –

From the beginning, Airplus International were in direct contact with a senior account manager who helped plan the recruitment campaign as well as understand the culture of the business. We teamed up with an external trainer who was used during the interview process and afterward once they had all started their roles. Our job was to provide 3 top quality candidates that fit the brief provided by both Airplus International and their sales trainer. After a very successful group interview day, Airplus International hired three graduate superstars who have now been with them for nearly two years!

How has Graduate Fasttrack helped since then?

Just because the first three graduates were hired, this didn’t mean that we then move on. Graduate Fasttrack have since gone on to successfully help Airplus International hire 8 more sales graduates. We have a very close working relationship and provide 24/7 on-call account management to make sure we continue this success into the future.

If you've got the time, we'd love for you to watch our video case study below!