over 1 year ago by Jamie Beaumont

Graduate sales – why tech firms are still investing in people


Across industries, companies are seeking new ways to use technology to fill their sales pipelines, automate repetitive processes and free up their people to do more with less.

Yet there’s one sector where – perhaps surprisingly – companies are still keen to invest in their people. As the quote above from our client AirPlus shows, it’s actually tech firms that are leading the way when it comes to spending on their graduate sales programmes. There are a number of reasons why.


1. It increases employee retention

You’ve already worked hard to attract the most talented graduates to your sales programme, so why not work hard to retain them? Investing in your people will pay dividends when it comes to their commitment to your firm, increasing employee retention and contributing to better sales outcomes.


2. It boosts employee engagement

Where sales functions are concerned, tech companies know all too well the importance of keeping employees engaged. As the first point of contact for potential customers, salespeople must be able to demonstrate, enthusiastically, why their company has the edge over competitors.

To help them succeed, it’s important for tech firms to make sure their salespeople know that they’re valued. That enthusiasm will come across when they’re developing leads – whether they’ve recently joined your graduate sales team or have been working with you for years.


3. It forces you to look to the future

Changing consumer demands fuel the need for innovation. The tech firms that keep their finger on the pulse are those best able to change with the times, developing products and services to meet consumers’ changing needs. By committing to their people, tech firms can tap into valuable consumer insights and better plan for what tomorrow’s customers will demand, helping them remain competitive.


4. A high-performing environment drives revenue and innovation

A technology firm can’t simply rely on the latest trends as a way to discover innovation and drive new revenues. Nor can it wait for competitors to lead the way.

By investing in their people, tech companies can demonstrate that they value their employees, and are ready to support and incentivise their performance. In return, they know that not only can they count on motivated and willing teams who will boost revenues, but that their increased performance will itself lead to innovation, as their people develop ideas for new products and services.


5. Your people stay with the business longer

The world of technology changes quickly. But one way to help combat this pace of change is to retain employees by incentivising and supporting staff. Employees whose contribution is recognised are likely to stay with the business longer, developing a wealth of knowledge about your products or services and delivering additional value every week they’re with you.

Ultimately, tech firms employ smart people. And as they invest in their teams through graduate sales programmes, the smartest businesses know that it’s not just technology that impresses customers, but the way that technology is explained and demonstrated – by real people.



Despite the sector they work in, the smartest tech firms know that when it comes to sales functions and graduate programmes, people still matter.