Brandbassador is most advanced ambassador platform ever, where brands can scale and streamline their ambassador and social media marketing. Ambassadors can collaborate with brands and generate revenue and awareness through word-of-mouth marketing. We have proven the power and value of the platform with our first Founding Brands and are now ready to build a strong sales force to get more brands on board. Feel free to download the Brandbassador app via the App Store or Play Store to try it out.


Brandbassador was developed as a platform to let brands scale and automate word of mouth marketing. Collectively, we have a social media reach of 500 million ambassadors. Today we've achieved: $1.5 million in sales by the first 20 brands 40,000 ambassador sign ups 120,000 missions completed 43,200 posts on Instagram 15,100 Facebook posts 9,300 Tweets In our quest to become the #1 social media marketplace, Brandbassador is now inviting leading Brands to interact, engage and promote their products through this tribe.

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