By now, you should have received a batch of CVs from candidates eager to join your graduate sales programme, and spent some time weeding out the most promising-looking candidates.

The next step is the interview process itself. Here are some sure-fire ways to make sure you get the most out of the time you spend interviewing candidates and discover the right ones to join your company’s graduate sales programme.

Don’t set yourself up for failure


Firstly, keep it short. The graduate candidate market is fast moving and if you wait an extra week to set up an interview, or require applicants to go through too complex an interview process, you can easily miss out on the best candidates.

Similarly, candidates find long interview processes off-putting. As we mentioned in our CV screening piece [link to previous article on CV screening] the candidates you’re interviewing won’t usually be experienced in your industry. Therefore, there shouldn’t be a great need to bring them in for more than three separate interviews.


Leverage your team


Attracting the right graduate candidates for your business can be difficult, and so it’s important to involve as many team members in the interview process as possible.

This doesn’t mean that each team member needs to interview the candidate separately but instead look for opportunities to let the candidate meet as many people as possible from your team. This will give them insight into your true business culture and let both sides assess whether they have found the right fit.


A two-way process


To make sure that you’re interviewing effectively, try to give candidates the opportunity to understand how your company works day-to-day and set out what would be expected of them in the role. This will avoid any surprises further down the line.

Similarly, don’t simply set out on the interview process to grill them for hours and test their skills and experience. Instead, try and give them a real insight into the role they’ve applied for and allow them to decide if it’s the kind of role they want.

There’s no great secret to a successful interview process. But when you’re trying to hire the right graduates for your graduate sales programme, an effective interview process is essential. It will also let candidates know what to expect if they make it through the hiring process to join your graduate sales team.



The interview process is a crucial part of developing your graduate sales programme. Follow our top tips to find the right candidates for your company.

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