Are you looking to hire the Best Sales Graduates in 2019?

Attraction is important but how are you engaging with the Graduate Talent you have identified:

1. Telephone?

Our research shows that over 75-80% of Graduates you call won’t pick up from an unknown number. They think its a PPI call or someone selling them something.

2. Email ?

Over 90% of Graduates we surveyed had more than 2 email addresses. 1 x for all the special offers/promotions they sign up for in Uni #graduates #attract #candidates (They check this once a week). 1 x for personal (They check this every day). Which one do you think they put on their CV’s.

3. Linkedin?

Only 18% of Graduates check LinkedIn every day.

To find and engage with the best Graduates you need to use a range of tools and social media sites to enable you to attract the best for your Sales Team.

Our Marketing Team have produced this guide with some useful tips that we use to find the best candidates on the market:

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