Once you’ve decided that your business needs a graduate sales programme, there are a number of pre-hire steps that will maximise your chances of success.


To ensure your recruits will want to stay with you, it’s crucial to identify the duties they’ll fulfil in your business. By doing so, you’ll be able to create the right training conditions for your graduate employees, incentivise them to work hard and increase the chances of them committing to your company. So where should you start?

Make sure you know exactly where your graduates will sit. Whether you’ll put them to work in lead generation, business development or account management roles, it’s crucial to confirm this before you start the hiring process. Knowing their job function will make it easier to recruit the best candidates and maximise their fit for the role.


Set clear KPIs to manage expectations. To allow you to get the most out of your graduates, take a look at the most relevant KPIs for your sales team. Set a number of KPIs that will allow you to judge their performance in the role, as well as the overall efforts of your graduate sales team.


Map out career progression and reward for your graduate sales candidates. The best graduates for your business will have the drive to succeed and will be keen to know how they can progress and develop within your company. So make progression and reward integral to your graduate sales programme.

Highlight career progression opportunities for your graduate recruits and ensure new hires are aware of what your company expects from their performance, by demonstrating that you value hard work and commitment.


Build an attractive package for your graduate sales team. It’s essential that your company is somewhere that graduates will want to work. So make sure that you’re offering a competitive salary, a good commission structure, and appropriate benefits for the position.


Now is also the time to work on your culture, put in place a well-strategised employee value proposition and ensure you align your brand with graduates and their career interests.


By taking these steps during the pre-hire process to confirm the job functions and package on offer, you can set expectations for your graduate sales programme and ensure that you recruit the best candidates for each position, leading to long-term sales success.


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Maximise the success of your graduate sales programme by taking action during the pre-hire stage to map out your job function and set out the package on offer to new recruits.

George Chaffer

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