You’ve now interviewed a variety of candidates for your graduate sales programme and are ready to start hiring, but there are still a few critical do’s and don’ts when it comes to the hiring process. Here are our top tips.

Don’t – hire controversial characters    

Be very careful about hiring controversial characters for your graduate sales team. Their presence can create unwanted divides in the office, regardless of how good they might appear on paper.

To ensure a harmonious workplace environment and make your graduate sales programme work for everyone, it’s best to try to stay away from employee conflicts wherever possible throughout the hiring process.


Do – consider overall potential

When it comes to assessing different graduates, don’t overlook a graduate who might need slightly more training at the beginning of the process. While they may need a greater investment of your time upfront, their overall potential could far exceed that of other candidates.

So consider the long-term potential of each candidate, and remember that if you’re hiring graduates in the first place, you should be willing to train them, whatever their level of sales experience.


Do – have realistic expectations

While it can be hard to temper your expectations to different candidates, don’t judge a graduate based on the expectations that you typically set for yourself.

For example, they could have different ways of working that are entirely different to yours, but at the same time could be more successful in the role. So be open to individual performance and don’t rule out a particular candidate based on unrealistic expectations.


Do – give feedback

Whatever your views on a graduate candidate, it’s important that you share honest feedback after the interview process, whether it’s positive or negative.

The candidate has given up their time to go through your interview process, and your feedback can be invaluable in helping them to improve as they hunt for the right role.

Not bothering to give feedback can also give your business a bad name in the industry, affecting future recruitment.

The hiring process for a graduate sales programme is never entirely simple. But to ensure that you end up with recruits who will add value to your business and contribute to a positive workplace environment, follow these tips to get most out of your hiring process. In turn, they might just help your company to become a graduate recruiter of choice.



Follow these top tips during the hiring process to make sure you end up with the best graduate recruits for your business.

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