In any sales operation, there’s a constant tension between recruiting high-performance sales staff, while making sure that you don’t overpay.

And if you’ve ever struggled to find the right senior talent for your sales operation, the time might be right to consider a move to a graduate sales programme. Here’s why:

It’s hard to recruit the senior talent you need

The senior salespeople who would be ideal on your team are already making a success of it in another business. So why would they want to leave to join you?

Not only have they become well established in their business and industry, but they’re also making good money, progressing well and know their market.

So even if you can persuade them to move to join your sales operation, they’ll be expensive to recruit and retain.


Available candidates may be available for a reason


If you have a stream of applicants for your senior sales position, it’s worth taking a moment to think about why these strong-performing candidates are available.

This is a time when it really pays to do your due diligence. Ask lots of questions – for example:

  • Are their credentials everything they seem?

  • How has the candidate been performing in their existing sales role?

  • If they have been performing strongly, why are they so eager to leave?

  • If they haven’t been performing, what can that tell you?

  • What makes you think they’ll commit to your company, if they’re already eager to leave another one?


Keep in mind that they’re also likely to need lots of training to be able to do sales the way your company does, before you start to see a return on investment.


Consider the alternative – graduates


In contrast to senior salespeople who are expensive to hire and difficult to recruit, graduates can provide a source of cheap, accessible and easily trained salespeople with whom to build out your sales function.

Compared to established industry candidates, graduates are also very malleable as they join the workforce for the first time, and can learn to do sales the way your company does.

Eager and ambitious, graduates are typically willing to do the work and go the extra mile to demonstrate high performance. They’re also happy to start from the bottom and work their way up – particularly if there are clear opportunities for them to develop.

As a result, graduates can be a far more viable option when you’re looking to build and grow your sales operation. And best of all, you’ll avoid getting stuck on the sales merry-go-round, trying to attract senior people who are already happy in their roles.

Our monthly leadership breakfasts explore ways to boost your sales operation with graduates. Join us at the next one here [hyperlink to sign up form/email request to join].



Avoid the stress of the sales merry-go-round by steering clear of expensive salespeople who don’t want to move, and instead recruiting eager and ambitious graduates.

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